Did you think I was finished with records after only two of them?! HECK NO!  Why would I want to ignore all these other amazing records?! Get ready ’cause the next wave of amazing records are HERE! BUBBLE GUM BUBBLE  Now here’s a classic, the biggest bubble gum. If you’re not an expert, just blowing […]

There are many people in this world with hidden talents and capabilities to do awesome things. Some of these records, however, will leave you questioning just how people discovers some of these especially hidden talents.  They might not be the first things that comes to mind when you’re debating how to spend your weekend, but never the less […]

A Star in the Making It might be hard to believe now, Disney being one of the biggest and most successful film incorporation in the world,  but  Disney, originally Disney Brothers Studio, was once a small branch off the Universal Studios’ tree.  In 1927 Walt Disney created a character called Oswald the lucky rabbit, his first true success . It became a […]

The Aye Aye The aye aye (believe it or not) is a part of the lemur family. Intriguing, complex, and a little bit creepy, the aye aye is part of  Madagascar’s  fascinating and diverse wildlife population. Like many species of lemur, the aye-aye is nocturnal, it spends its days sleeping in a nest that resembles a bee hive from the outside. The […]

“You know that and I know that but she thinks neither of us know that.” A theory of mind. It’s what tells us that other people think differently, or know different things than we do. I know I have a theory of mind because I know that perhaps you know how to fly a space craft, or […]

I’ve never really thought about  it before, but now that I have I’m completely perplexed! Why on earth did evolution decide to get rid of all the hair on our face except for those odd little strips above our eyes?!   I’ve discovered that eyebrows aren’t so much related to the hair aspect of your head as they […]

“Oh, she’s my second cousin once removed.” If you’re like me, you’ve heard this type of thing in movies and tv shows and are completely befuddled as to what it actually means. So I’ve taken the liberty of dedicating this post to the topic.  The second cousin part refers to how closely related you actually are. You and your […]